Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She has V.D.?!

But let me give some background here.

I work in a lab with a lady who is from Mexico and although her accent is very slight now (you're welcome for all the tutoring) this wasn't always so. 

Way back when I stared working here miscommunication was much more frequent (and much more fun!) either because of the accent or because of translation mishaps. Now, I am usually very good with understanding accents, but when you work in a loud lab (white-noise from equipment), you aren't paying close enough attention, or the other person is facing away from you...things happen.

After a particularly hilarious episode in which I was trying to explain "Chick-Lit" (ex. Bridget Jone's Diary) to her and she thought I was talking about the gum "chiclets" we have henceforth dubbed all funny misunderstandings by yelling "chiclet!" and giggling like school girls afterward. 

Then there was the time when she told me that her son (who at the time was about 6) was dressing up as a "ninja" for Halloween and I swear on all that is holy I thought she said "midget."  I was like...well...he's still I guess that will work...but it's a little avant garde isn't it?  Is it a social commentary?  The poor kid, who is now approaching his teen years (almost) is still called "midget" to this day.

The latest misunderstanding didn't even involve us directly, but two different people in the labs.  But it was still awesome!!  Said Mexican lady was home sick with food poisoning issues.  Someone else asked where she was and the other lady in the lab told them (in a complete over-share) she had V & D (which would be vomiting and d---, you guessed it).  The response to this was, "SHE HAS V.D.?!" Which was then answered, "NO!  I said V AND D, not V.D.!!"  At which point we all turned on our hearing aides...  But, I gotta say...this made for a much funnier conversation.  Chiclet!!  *giggle*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The List

I am a list-maker.  It's what I do.  Typically, on any given day, my list looks something like this little guy's.  Sad but true.  Usually I have more than one list going at once and that is because I think of more things to do when I don't have the original list on me.  That's when the Post-It notes come into play.  Post-It notes are like manna from Heaven for me.  What?  I have a thing about office supplies.  

I just ordered my new Franklin Covey planner pages for the new year and I am inexplicably happy about it.  Why?  Because I can organize things with it!  I know, I know, it's all part of my OCD.  Hey, at least I am not a candidate for Hoarders...that show scares the crap out of me.  I watch it, and then I have to clean something.  So really...good motivation.

Tonight is the first night I will actually be home to accomplish things on my to do list.  I need to be productive tonight.  Plus, it will be a good night to be indoors considering it is supposed to be 100 degrees out today.  Happy Summer Solstice! 

Maybe, if I am really good, by the end of tonight my list will look like this...