Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sweaty Guy's Eliptical

Being at the gym before the crack of dawn three days a week really affords you the chance to get to know the other "regulars."  It's not like there are a TON of people sweatin' to the oldies at 6am.  I now recognize everyone by sight (I have no idea what any of their names are) and have given them all nicknames in my head.  They are as follows:
  • "The Sweaty Guy"-so named because of the excessive amount of sweat-spray that surrounds his eliptical machine by the time he is done.  I have also seen him wipe down his arm pits with the sweat towel...that made me gag
  • "The Grunter"-pretty self-explanatory (just to clarify, this is on the eliptical machine, not weights...which I find hilarious)
  • "The Reader"-In case you are wondering, no that isn't me.  It's the lady who always reads a magazine while on her eliptical.  I don't roll like that, reading on the eliptical=motion sickness.
  • "The Overachiever"-the girl who goes hell for leather on the eliptical and then, because that isn't enough, runs on the treadmill
  • "The Preggo"-pregnant lady who I totally give props to for even thinking about working out while being seriously at least 7 months along
  • "The Athlete"-girl who does all weights, and is darn buff.  I am pretty sure she is a student athlete...I should figure out for what
  • "The Beast"-so named because of his propensity to almost peg-out the weight machines he is on.  For reals, the dude was doing the arm press set at 205 pounds!  WT_?!
  • "The Cute Dude with Improper Shoes"-cute guy, lifts weights in work-boots
  • "The Buff Old Guy"-also pretty self-explanatory
I wonder if anyone else in the gym makes up nicknames for the other people.  Hmmm.  If so...what would be my nickname?  "The Girl Who Listens to Her iPod?"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Abs? I put 'em on my Amazon Wishlist...

Despite the fact that I practice not one, but TWO different martial can't tell by my non-buffness.  It's really disheartening.  I mean, I work out, I can do quite a bit of cardio, I am relatively strong.  But do I look it?  No. 

There are also apparently muscles that I DON'T have.  As in; "Muscles?  What muscles?"   Among these elusive little buggers are lower abs and shoulders.  If someone could just hook me up with an Amazon gift certificate I would order them post-haste, I mean really, Amazon sells everything, right?! 

Two weeks ago I started a new work-out routine.  Three days a week I am now going to the gym at the butt crack (before) dawn and doing the eliptical followed by weights.  If this doesn't help I swear I am giving up totally and never standing again.  Just me and couches...forever.