Monday, June 28, 2010

Are You Serious?

Ah, the continuing trials of the drunk roommate. 

He is apparently still "dating" the current chick.  I think this makes about a month now, that has to go on the top 3 longest relationships he has ever had.  Just saying.

This girl is also loud, and apparently likes to sit around and watch our tv when roommate is not even there.  Maybe I am being snarky, but why the heck is she there when he is not?!  On the plus side, after he has left for work and I walked out in the living room I may have looked at her like "WTF?" and she may have left shortly thereafter.  I am a scary girl.  ;)

Not to say that this new girlfriend just takes, takes, takes.  She has, out of the kindness of her own heart, given me a new catch-phrase: "Are you serious?!"  I think I have heard this roughly 20 times in the last couple of days.  You see, when a girl (who is not your roommate) has been in your house since last Thursday, you get to hear her a lot.  I might not know her friggin' name, but really, is that important?

When am I moving out?  Thursday!!!!!!!!  Booya.

Friday, June 25, 2010

All Knees Go To Heaven

As my Hapkido master likes to say, "You only have one set of knees!  Take good care of them!"

Well, I try.  I really do.  But when you start off with crap genetics you're pretty much hosed.  Science is wonderful, but they don't have a way to stop osteoarthritis.  And that whole knee cap moving where it isn't supposed to?  Also not my fault.  Thanks Dad.

About nine months after my second (yes, second knee surgery, at the ripe ol' age of 26, thank you very much) I decided that I wanted to start martial arts.  I may still be slightly disgruntled that my parents never allowed me to start kicking people earlier in life when I wanted to...but that's a different matter. 

Three years ago next month I started training in Taekwondo and a year ago in Hapkido.  Besides the occassional knee ouchies, I was doing pretty darn well.  That is, until my last belt testing in TKD.  That's when the landing on my flying side-kick board break went...badly.

Can you guess which knee it is?!  Go on, take a second look...Turns out that I had severely sprained my MCL and tore my miniscus.  Good times.  This is what I looked like (with crutches!) after that:

Sexy, I know.

I ended up seeing the orthopedic surgeon (who did my 2nd knee surgery) and he told me it would take about a month to heal and I didn't need surgery.

Well, yesterday I went back for a re-check because my knee is still giving out on me and swelling after exercising.  He gave me a brace and told me if that doesn't help stabilize my knee cap my next option is surgery again.  That would make THREE knee surgeries in EIGHT years.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Only Two More Weeks!

I am seeing moving into my own apartment like the light at the end of the tunnel.  Seriously.  I have been ready to kill, phasers NOT on stun, my roommate (yes, THIS roommate) for the last couple of weeks. 

 He still hasn't cleaned the bathroom, that's been on stasis for like 6 weeks...  Last week his "girlfriend" decided to not only eat a bunch of my breakfast bars, but use my comb and mouthwash in the bathroom.  Then on Sunday he thought it would be a really good idea to invite a bunch of drunk-ass friends over to party loudly outside my window until 5am.  This morning?  I woke up to find more of my bathroom stuff used, all the lights in the house on, the TV in the living room blaring "Alice in Wonderland" to no one, and the freakin' garage door open to the world.  Awesome.  Nothing had better been stolen, I have a bunch of crap in there in preparation for the big move.

I cannot wait to move to my own place!  I will really miss my other two roommates, but this guy is ruining it for me.  I never went through the "drunk college student" phase, I am not a drunk full-time worker now, and I don't appreciate living with one.

Two more weeks...two more weeks...*deep breath*...two more weeks.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Man-Whore...Isn't That Redundant?

While explaining to my boss the other day that I was (finally) getting my own apartment and why I was sooo happy to live on my own we starting discussing one of my current roommates. 

Said current roommate is not only an alcoholic (as in the first thing he does when he wakes up is get a drink), he is also up all night either playing (loud) video games, watching movies or "entertaining" the ladies.  Which, in case you were wondering, is also loud.  You're welcome for the visual...sound-ual?  Ha!

That's right, I live with a man-whore.

I seriously don't know how he keeps finding these naive girls.  But they all look the same, and they are all about 20 years old (roommate is about 28).  So, ew.

What is love?  Baby don't hurt me...don't hurt more...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dream a Little Dream

I have very vivid dreams-we're talking full techni-color, action-packed adventures-when I can remember them.  Mostly I just remember odd little bits later that are nonsense.  I should keep a journal by my bed for future book ideas.

I was told recently that Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight Saga) started writing her books because she had a dream of the scene in the wildflower field and filled in the blanks.  Now she is a millionaire.

The part of my recent dream that I can actually remember?  I looked in the mirror and found that I had a really long nose-hair.  Someone, get me the movie rights!!!!!!!!