Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPad Commercial

As I was watching LOST last night (OMG!!!  The series finale is almost upon us!) the iPad commercial kept coming on...and coming on...and coming on.  Seriously, I think I saw it four times! 

Now, I happen to have a problem with the iPad in general; hellooooo it's a gigantic iPod Touch for $500, that's it!!  It's not that cool.  Come on Apple.  Work with me here.  You didn't even put flash on it.  WHAT?!  Oh, and the name of your devise sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

So, Apple, to prove my point, here is the latest (real) commercial for the iPad:

"What is an iPad?
iPad is thin.
iPad is beautiful.
iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day!"

Thank you iPad, if you could just guarantee it not leaking, I think we would have a winner!

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