Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pet Peeves

You know you all have them.  I'm just brave enough to list them and sound completely anal...which I am...which is besides the point.  Shut up.

I feel as though this will be an on-going list:

-People who chew with their mouth open
-People who start a sentence "I know you're busy, but..."
-The stupid weak girl in a movie/TV show who is too girly to protect herself from the big strong guy attacking her. KICK HIM IN THE GROIN!
-Fake laughs
-When you're hungry and there isn't any freakin' food in the house
-People who proudly proclaim that they don't read
-People who looked shocked/concerned when I say, "No, I am not involved with anyone right now."
-My mother who is always hinting about the grandbabies she doesn't have
-People who act like they are entitled to treat you like dirt
-Rude people
-Ignorant people
-People with no sense of humor
-People who wear spandex when not exercising (I'll give you a pass if you are headed to/from the gym)
-People who wear spandex who shouldn't be wearing know you've seen them
-People who stand too close to you
-When the cashier asks you how your day is going and you're buying Kleenex and decongestants or something equally indicative of illness, how do you think it's going buddy?

-People who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom (I mean really?  GROSS!)
-People who don't use deodorant
-Guys who don't cut their fingernails
-Anyone who doesn't cut their toenails
-People who consistently walk around with greasy hair
-Guys who can't grow proper facial hair but still try so they end up looking like a transitioning Wolfman
-The comb-over...ugh!!!  For the love of God, just get a buzz cut and be proud!
-People with yellow teeth
-People with bad breath

-When they don't replace communal stuff (ie. TOILET PAPER)
-When they don't take out the garbage on their night
-When they use all the laundry baskets
-When they leave all the lights on in the house and AREN'T HOME
-When they don't do their dishes because the dishwasher is full/clean and washing by hand would just be too hard *sniff*
-When they leave dirty plates/half-full glasses scattered around the house because it's just too hard to take them to the sink
-When they have parties outside your window until the wee hours of the morning
-When they eat your food

-People who talk on their cell phone while driving
-People who cut you off
-People who cut you off and then SLOW DOWN
-People who drive under the speed limit when not warranted by weather conditions
-Bad parkers
-People who don't use their blinkers
-People who give you dirty looks/call you names/make rude hand-gestures for something that was their fault

Science-The Next Frontier:
Mostly, this is just things on medical or crime dramas that make me laugh...I mean really, I thought you people have consultants!  Just had a cops watch cop shows and make fun of stuff they do??  Huh...
-When science shows--like CSI--get the SCIENCE wrong
-Mis-pronouncing medical terms or names of bacteria/viruses/chemicals/diseases
-Showing "sciency" things that just aren'
-The fake beakers/Erlenmeyer flasks on every lab bench on every show (one of which is usually boiling) that are full of pretty colored liquids (see pic on my homepage). They aren't really anything but water with food dye.  Just so you know.  In real labs what you have to watch out for is the clear stuff.
-Any show that features people wearing lab coats/scrubs that are tailored to fit the person in snug glory.  I'm sorry, but labcoats/scrubs are not made to highlight your boobs.  If a labcoat is too tight to sit down in without popping buttons or seams, it's a FAIL and no one wears it!  

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  1. Love the part about the facial hair and making it look like a treansitional wolfman! Also I have asked a cop if he watches cops and he said no, but they did use a tape once of the show for training purposes on what not to do.