Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sweaty Guy's Eliptical

Being at the gym before the crack of dawn three days a week really affords you the chance to get to know the other "regulars."  It's not like there are a TON of people sweatin' to the oldies at 6am.  I now recognize everyone by sight (I have no idea what any of their names are) and have given them all nicknames in my head.  They are as follows:
  • "The Sweaty Guy"-so named because of the excessive amount of sweat-spray that surrounds his eliptical machine by the time he is done.  I have also seen him wipe down his arm pits with the sweat towel...that made me gag
  • "The Grunter"-pretty self-explanatory (just to clarify, this is on the eliptical machine, not weights...which I find hilarious)
  • "The Reader"-In case you are wondering, no that isn't me.  It's the lady who always reads a magazine while on her eliptical.  I don't roll like that, reading on the eliptical=motion sickness.
  • "The Overachiever"-the girl who goes hell for leather on the eliptical and then, because that isn't enough, runs on the treadmill
  • "The Preggo"-pregnant lady who I totally give props to for even thinking about working out while being seriously at least 7 months along
  • "The Athlete"-girl who does all weights, and is darn buff.  I am pretty sure she is a student athlete...I should figure out for what
  • "The Beast"-so named because of his propensity to almost peg-out the weight machines he is on.  For reals, the dude was doing the arm press set at 205 pounds!  WT_?!
  • "The Cute Dude with Improper Shoes"-cute guy, lifts weights in work-boots
  • "The Buff Old Guy"-also pretty self-explanatory
I wonder if anyone else in the gym makes up nicknames for the other people.  Hmmm.  If so...what would be my nickname?  "The Girl Who Listens to Her iPod?"

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