Monday, January 23, 2012

Physical Therapists are Sadists

Since I am broken...all the time...I have been to the PT more than once.  For more than one body part.  Repeatedly.  It's a gift. 

Currently I am going to the PT for my hip.  I developed quite bad bursitis and--just to put the cherry on top--messed up my IT band.  Yeaaaaa...good times.

At my first appointment my PT was basically doing the maneuver in the picture above, rotation my leg around in the hip socket. Then, WITHOUT WARNING, he yanked it straight and popped my hip out to "release tension."  I yelled.  Really loudly.  Yes, it hurt like the dickens, but it also surprised me.  Warn a sister.  Ok?

Then on my last appointment I had another PT and she literally rolling-pined my IT band (owwww) and then found knots in my IT band and massaged them out with her full body weight with her elbow.  When I (may have) whimpered, she told me I was "lucky" because she "could have been meaner."  Uhhh...

I spent the rest of the day limping after that appointment when before going in I was doing fine.  Thanks guys.

The sad part?  I go again this week.  I guess if PTs are sadistic, I'm masochistic...

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