Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Excess of Citrus

You ever buy or are given so much fruit you actually have a hard time eating it all before it goes bad?  What?!  Me too! 

It's one thing to get apples or peaches or...well, pretty much anything but citrus.  You can eat apples until they are coming out your ears and when they start going bad you can make pie.  You can eat peaches until you're sick and when they start to get mushy you can make cobbler.  What the frak are you supposed to do with lemons and oranges?  Yes, I know you can zest them, but really, how much zest does one person need?  You can juice them, but who wants to use oranges that have dried out for juicing? 

It's the excess of citrus principle, there will ALWAYS be more oranges then you can eat.  I don't care if you buy two at the grocery store, they will multiply when you aren't looking and all of a sudden you will be thinking the same thing as I am, "Crud...what am I supposed to do with them NOW?!"

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