Monday, March 21, 2011

Read Between The Lines

I had a little garbage disposal "problem" the other night.  I was preparing a stew for the crock pot and therefore peeling carrots and potatoes in the sink.  When I was all done I made the garbage disposal eat them.  You know, because that's what garbage disposals DO...they eat peels.  It's sorta their purpose in life.

Well, apparently not my garbage disposal.  It's above all that.

My garbage disposal took it a step above a sit-in and launched an all out stealth assault.  One minute it's happily munching away on some veggie bits, the next things I know there's a gurgle, gurgle, gurgle on the other side of the sink and then a small Old Faithful of soapy water and mulch is fountaining up.

I was not amused. 

I tried to get it to go down again, but it was having done of it.  THAT is when it launched the sit-in.  And that's where it stayed, chained to it's neighbor to wait out the night or be dragged off to jail.

Fine, you want to play it that way you hippie?  I called in maintenance. 

When I got home after work the next night I found this work order waiting for me:
Request (filled out by me):
Garbage Disposal Clogged

Work Done and Materials Used (filled out by maintenance, and this was the actual spelling and capitalization):
DON pill patute in the garbage disposal.

I am pretty sure this is supposed to mean I should no longer put peels in the garbage disposal...with their thanks.  But I can't be 100% sure. 

At least the garbage disposal is now fixed, although apparently it can no longer actually dispose of any garbage, rendering it useless to actually have. 

You win some, you lose some.

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