Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conversations With My (Guy) Roommate

This guy cracks me up!

Him: I'm watching NCIS:LA and I don't know why.
Me: It's because ll cool j is pretty isn't it?
Him: Eff yeah!

Me:  Ah, I see you are American Bandstanding in the kitchen
Him: *dances around like a goober*

Me: You're baking a pie?  Why?
Him: Why not?  Never done it before...
Me:  Really?  Huh.

And then later that night...

Him: Heather!  Try a piece of my pie!
Me:  It turned out well then?
Him: I don't even like apple pie and I like my pie!
Me: Ok, I'll try a piece later.
Him: EAT MY PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Stop pressuring me!

Me: *walking into a conversation between my guy roommate and his girlfriend*
Him:  Ooh!  We should ask Heather!
Me: Huh?
Him: Who makes the pearl tampons?
Me: Tampax
Him: *turning to his girlfriend* HA!  Told you!!
Me: Oh jeez.

Me: *leaving for work in the morning*
Him: Good luck!
Me: Uh...thanks?

Him: *playing drunken Monopoly with my other roommate*
Me: I live with thugs...

Him: *singing* I was belly dancing...
Me: Yeah, but you didn't make much did ya?
Him: Hell no &/tch!

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  1. I'm really going to miss these stories with him. I think I may need to come up Sat. night just cause I can get my fill.