Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Utilikilts and Musketeers?

This weekend my sister and I went to the local annual Scottish Games and Celtic Festival. We like to go and:

Look at the animals;

Listen to music (the dude playing the horn thing had niiiiiiiiiiice arms!);

Eat bangers;

And make fun of things like this;
(this was outide the Utilikilt booth)

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to snap a pic of some of the more...eccentrically attired folk.  My personal fave this year, the dude dressed like a musketeer.  Uhh...CELTIC festival homie G, musketeers were FRENCH!

Then there were the displaced Renn Faire people.  Wearing the costumes onces a year, just isn't enough!!  Plus, very large women seem to enjoy wearing corsets and letting their...ummmm..."attributes"...hang out unhindered.

I did miss the guy last year that was dressed like a viking: loin cloth, helmet with horns (thanks Wagner), horn full of "grog,"and knee-high fur boots, who was drunk off his ass.  People were walking up to him and asking to take a photo with him.  Classic.   

All in all, good times to be had.  :)

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  1. Good times indeed! And if you'll look at my pictures from last year, I did get the shot! Booyah Viking man! Booyah!