Monday, April 19, 2010

Karate Kid? I Don't Think So.

The Karate Kid:
Classic 80's movie about a teenager, named Daniel, who gets taken under the wing of a nice JAPANESE man named Mr. Miyagi.  Mr. Miyagi then proceeds to teach him "wax on, wax off" and other valuable KARATE lessons while calling him Daniel-son.  In a movie-magic two month period Daniel becomes a kick-ass fighter and wins a KARATE tournament at the end of the film.  Class-ic.

Karate Kid re-make...
Little boy (12 year old) moves to CHINA with his mom.  He gets taken under the wing of Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a nice CHINESE man, who teaches him to "take his jacket off, put it back on" and other valuable KUNG FU lessons.  At the end there is a KUNG FU tournament, which (even though I have not seen it), I am sure the little kid wins because he has become a kick-ass fighter.

Ok, anyone see the problem here?  You are re-making The KARATE Kid, in China while showing the kid learning KUNG FU!!!!!!!!!  NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!  Karate does not equal Kung Fu!  Totally different martial art!  Uuuuuugh....  If you wanted to make an inspirational movie about a little kid learning Kung Fu, cool, make it, call it The Kung Fu Kid.  DON'T call it The Karate Kid, because guess what?  He ISN'T learning Karate!!!!

For the love of god...

We had quite a discussion about this in my Taekwondo class last night.  I even learned something new, using the term Kung Fu for the martial art style is incorrect.  It's actually called Wushu.  Interesting.  My point however, is still valid.

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