Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pissy People and Annexing States from the Union

Ok, let me just say that being rude/pissy/demanding/horrible on the phone to someone that you want help from does NOT in fact help your cause.  What makes you think that being rude to me will make me want to help you MORE?? 

"Oh, I'm sorry sir/ma'am!!  Don't get snotty with me!  I will do whatever you want post-haste!  In fact, I will run your test/re-fax you results/answer your stupid question yesterday, that's how quick I will be!!  In fact, if you ever need anything else, please feel free to call and yell at me any time!" 

Can't you just feel my sincerity?  :-D

Two seperate people calling me, one from New Jersey and one from Virginia, have annoyed me so thoroughly that I have actually annexed Jersey and Virginia from the U.S.  That's right, we're down to 48 states!  Hey, two less to learn in geography kiddies! 

If this keeps up the United States will be a lot less united. 

All I'm asking for is a little common decency people.  I mean really, what would your mother say about your manners??

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  1. Werd! I had a patient get pissy with me the other day for putting her on hold for 10 minutes when it was not even 2 minutes! I'm sorry ma'am, your the one calling me to reschedule your appointment again for the 4th time a week before your appointment and you expect me to be able to get you back on the schedule, that books out 6 months in advance, the next week on a day and time you prefer??? yeah right.
    Just makes me wanna give you the last appointment available. And kick you out of the practice. There are several patients on my "list" that I'd like to handle in a different manner than the professional one I give them :-)