Friday, April 9, 2010

People Just Don't Pay Attention

I was going to title this "Pet Peeves-Part I" but hey...I was feeling less alliterate.  We'll save this for a later date.  I have a lot of pet peeves...fair warning.

I have come to the realization that people really don't pay attention to what is going on around them.  Supposedly New Yorkers are supposed to be famous for this...I think they get a bad rap.  People everywhere are too focused on their internal monologue to do little things like, oh, read signs.  But it doesn't stop at signs, they also don't listen, nor do they follow directions.  This happens everywhere from my lab to restaurants.



Sign: Please use other door
What happens: People try to use THAT door

Sign: Please place your samples here
What happens: People walk right past the sign and ask me, "Where do I put my sample?"

Sign: Push
What happens: Pull

Sign: Please come in, no need to knock.
What happens: *knock*

Answering the phone-

Me: Immunology lab
Person: Yes, I am trying to reach VGL/Chemistry/Microbiology/Repro/etc.
Me: VGL/Chemistry/Microbiology/Repro/etc.?
Person: Yes
Me: This is the immunology lab
Person: Well, isn't this (names city)
Me: Yes, but we are still not the VGL/Chemistry/Microbiology/Repro/etc. lab, you need to call the VGL/Chemistry/Microbiology/Repro/etc. lab
Person: Oh, well do you have their phone number?
**Oh good!  Now I am the switchboard!**

Following instructions-

Submission form: Turnaround time is 5-7 business days
Caller: I want to know why I haven't received results yet
Me: When did you submit your sample?
Caller: You should have got it yesterday
Me: Turnaround time is...**wait for it**...5-7 business days
Caller: So, my sample isn't ready yet?
Me: No
Caller: Well, when will I get results?
Me: **Do I really have to say it?**  5-7 business days

Submission form:  PCR on blood can only be run on purple top tubes
What I get: Red top tube

Submission form: Please include your fax number on the submission form
What I get: A phone number, if I'm lucky

Submission form: Please circle the test you are requesting, or all 3 will be run by default
What I get: No circles
What I do: Run all 3
Then what do I get?: A caller asking why we ran all 3 tests when all they wanted were 2 of them!

 There are probably many other that I am forgetting...this blog might have to be updated...

Blogger's note: **words** will from now on denote my internal dialogue (where I will probably be making fun of someone), and **words** will denote actions

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